Secure Storage Sunshine Coast

If you are looking for secure gold storage Sunshine Coast investors trust, then simply contact us today. We also offer storage of silver, platinum and other high value assets or documentation too.

Queensland Bullion Company utilise the services of our subsidiary company Queensland Bullion Vault Pty Ltd. They safely store both our own gold bullion and other assets, along with that of our valued clients.

Queensland Bullion Vault offers one of Queensland’s premier state-of-the art custom built vaulting facilities. It is fully insured for replacement value, for your piece of mind.

Strategically located outside of the capital cities, it offers a great way to diversify your investment in bullion while also making deposits and collections a breeze. It is a completely safe option for gold storage on the Sunshine Coast.

We offer three storage options to best suit your requirements:

When purchasing Pool Allocated bullion, it is held at our vaulting facility. This means it is fully insured at replacement value at no additional cost to you. The ability to trade Pool Allocated bullion allows you to purchase your investment as close as possible to current spot prices.

Buying Pool Allocated bullion means that investors buy a ‘share’ in a pool of bullion held by Queensland Bullion Company rather than a specific cast bar.

It is extremely easy to sell your Pool Allocated bullion, when the time is right, which can be done either online, instore or over the phone. Alternatively, if you ever want to take physical possession of your bullion, a small barring fee is payable which will enable your investment to be poured into whatever bar size or coin is your preference.

We have pool allocated gold bullion, pool allocated platinum and pool allocated silver bullion for sale online.

This is our most common form of storage. Secure Storage allows you to store your bullion within our fully insured bullion vault alongside similar bars and coins of other clients of Queensland Bullion Company. Available on most products, you can collect your investment at any time. When it’s time to collect, you will receive a bar from our holdings of similar bars, same weight, purity and value, that are stored within our vault.

We have some of the best rates in Australia for storing gold, platinum, silver or your other investments securely.

Available only on bars that have individual serial numbers, our Premium storage option allows you to store the exact bar that you purchased from Queensland Bullion Company. Each bar is individually stored, tracked, allocated and fully insured.

We guarantee that the exact bar that you deposited with us will be the bar you receive at time of collection.

Due to the additional complexity, we may require prior notice to retrieve your bullion when collection is required.

Whether you want gold storage on the Sunshine Coast, silver storage, platinum storage other vaulting of other items of value, simply contact us to find out more.

Pool Allocated Secure Premium
Gold Storage Fees Free 0.75% 0.95%
Silver Storage Fees Free 1.50% 1.80%
Platinum Storage Fees Free 0.75% 0.95%
Full Replacement Insurance YES YES YES
Storage Fees Invoiced N/A Quarterly Quarterly