Queensland Bullion Company Pool Allocated (per gram) Platinum

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Pool allocated platinum bullion is an extremely flexible and scalable option when investing in platinum bullion. It means you can buy as close to spot price as possible.

You buy platinum shares in a larger pool of platinum that is fully managed by Queensland Bullion Company. This means you do not have to buy an entire specific cast bar.

Benefits of pool allocated platinum bullion shares include:

  • Fully insured storage at our state-of-the-art, high security vaulting facility
  • Buy and sell platinum at any amounts (large or small). In a click of a button you can buy platinum online
  • No Storage Fees
  • No Insurance Fees

Buying per gram pool allocated platinum shares is an excellent and affordable option for a first-time investor to enter the precious metals market. It can be done with a very small initial outlay. Also suits larger investors who need safe storage for their platinum bullion investments.


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Weight: 1g
Length: mm
Width: mm
Thickness: mm
Purity: .9995

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