How to Sell Bullion

From time to time, you may want to sell some of your precious metals holdings. Queensland Bullion Company makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell gold bullion online, or other precious metals too. We offer some of Australia’s leading rates and we make it as simple a process as possible for our clients. There are several ways in which you can sell you precious metals to us:

Buy and Sell Bullion Online:
For clients that store their bullion in our fully insured vaulting facility, this process is simple. Our website is set up for you to buy and sell bullion online. To sell your gold online all you need to do is click to sell in your holdings with us. This option is located in the client portal area of our website. You will be offered the current price for your metals and you can choose how much of the metal you would like to sell. We then call you for bank account details unless you have saved them with us already. The money would be deposited into your bank account at the agreed price in a timely manner.

In Our Offices:
For clients that hold their metals elsewhere, it is still possible to sell gold on the Sunshine Coast with us. You can bring your gold, silver or platinum holdings into our offices. Here we would value them, to confirm the grade of metal and then offer the appropriate price. Once our offer is accepted, you would walk away with either the money paid in cash or a confirmation that the money has been paid into your bank account.

By Phone:
It is possible to sell your bullion over the phone. You would explain what you have, we would agree on a price accordingly, and then arrange for it to be delivered to our offices for testing and confirmation.
Once tested and both parties agree, we will arrange payment of the agreed price in a timely manner as per our Terms of Service. Please call (xxxxxxxx) should you wish to sell your bullion holdings over the phone.

Please email us at with details of what you would like to sell. One of our sales executives will call you back and walk you through the sale process.

To buy and sell gold online, our portal is the most convenient way. We have many clients from regional areas such as Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns and across the country too. We offer a secure portal and fully insured, safe storage facilities.

If you are nearby and want to sell gold on the Sunshine Coast, then we welcome you to visit us. You can bring platinum or silver coins or bars too. We look forward to doing business with you soon.