Self Managed Super Funds

Investing in precious metals by your SMSF
For over 5000 years, gold has been used as the ultimate store of wealth. A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund allows you to take advantage of this and the other benefits of owning precious metals when investing for your retirement.

Queensland Bullion Company makes the process simple for the trustee to achieve the desired investment result with piece of mind around compliance.

Why invest in precious metals for retirement?
As an asset class, precious metals have been known to be an insurance to economic uncertainty. When investing for retirement it offers an insurance against falling property prices, falling share markets, rising inflation and general economic turmoil and volatility.

Not only great as an insurance, it also increases in value over time. Over the past 20 years, Gold has increased on an average portfolio over 350% for Australian investors.

When planning for your retirement, a diversified portfolio of asset classes should be a priority. You can see the role of precious metals within such portfolio is very important.

How does Queensland Bullion Company make it easy?
Not all bullion is allowed to be owned by your SMSF. For example, collectibles that exceed that value of the metal are not applicable. Almost all of our bullion bars and coins are permitted.

The requirement of storage, insurance and auditing is perhaps most critical when investing in your SMSF. At Queensland Bullion Company and through Queensland Bullion Vault we fully insure your holdings at replacement value, store them in our custom built vaulting facility and audit your holdings on June 30 each year.

Additionally, you will be able to see your portfolio quantity and value live through our online client portal on our website.

We take care of everything to make it easy for you to receive the benefits of investing in precious metals for retirement.