1oz Britannia Queen Silver Coin – Royal Mint

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1oz Britannia Queen Silver Coin

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The 1oz Silver Coin Britannia from the Royal Mint, marking the final edition featuring the fifth and last effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and is produced in limited quantities.

With over 1,100 years of expertise, The Royal Mint continues to innovate, marrying beauty with security. The Britannia, a quintessential symbol of Britain, leads the charge in redefining security in the bullion market. This latest iteration incorporates four ground-breaking security features, elevating it to the most visually secure coin globally. These features, while enhancing aesthetics, also safeguard the coin, as epitomized by the micro-text “DECUS ET TUTAMEN,” translating to “An Ornament and a Safeguard.”

Notable design elements include a trident symbolizing Britannia’s naval heritage, transforming into a padlock from certain angles, emphasizing the coin’s security. Dynamic surface animation mimics the movement of waves, while intricate details like the Union Flag on Britannia’s shield are accentuated by precise tincture lines.

Exclusive to this coin, the new security features ensure unparalleled protection. Crafted from 99.9% pure silver, each coin upholds the Royal Mint’s legacy of excellence.


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Weight: 1oz
Length: mm
Width: mm
Thickness: mm
Purity: .999 (fine)

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